British Photographic Exhibitions

British Photographic Exhbitions (BPE) exists to encourage photographers to enter exhibitions and recognizes successful entrants via the issue of the Crown Awards photographic distinctions. There are currently 18 Exhibitions which are part of the BPE circuit.  I entered my first British Photographic Exhibition at the end of 2016 and was very pleased to get an image accepted on my first attempt. My first accepted image was “Sands of Time”.  This was an image I had put together for a Club Set Subjects competition, the theme being Glass. I used my kitchen clock an hour glass ornament and an interesting sky taken at Cleveleys. This was my first successful composite image. I set myself a target of getting to BPE 1 Crown within a year, which needed 25 acceptances. I was really pleased to achieve this target in 11 months  with 13 images, which are shown below.

My journey to achieving BPE 2 Crowns. 50 acceptances, was a little quicker and I managed to reach this goal in March 2018. I did this with a further 10 successful images, which are shown below.

In November 2018 I achieved 100 acceptances to gain my BPE 3 Crowns. I was really pleased to have done this within my target of 2 years. I reached my goal by getting a further 13 images accepted, these are shown below. .  The thing that surprised me in the journey to this point is that I was most successful with my composite images. I was really pleased to have had 2 Nature images accepted as the standard in this section is always very high.

During my second year of entering exhibitions a few of my images received awards, these are:

  • Across the Plains – Highly Commended in Solihull
  • Mrs Magritte – Commended in Basingstoke and Certificate of Merit in Winchester
  • Bunch of Sunflowers – Commended in Robin Hood
  • Watchful – BPE Ribbon in SRGB
  • Stormy Skies Over Castlerigg – Selector’s Award in Frome

At present I am on my journey towards BPE 4 Crowns, for this I need to achieve a total of 200 acceptances. Having just achieved a further 10 acceptances in Frome my current tally is 193, with 20 further new images accepted (since BPE3), shown below.  It took me just under two years to get 100 acceptances so I would love to get my second hundred in 18 months or less but that will be a tough challenge.  I have achieved a number of awards so far this year as follows:

  • Flower in a Bottle – Commended in Clay Cross
  • Derwent Dawn – Commended in Basingstoke, Certificate of Merit in Winchester
  • Helbore Triptych – Selector’s Award in Neath and District, Certificate of Merit in Winchester
  • Dusky Warbler – Highly Commended in Neath and District
  • Out of the Mist – Highly Commended in Rushden
  • Keeping Watch – Commended in Robin Hood
  • Stormy Skies Over Castlerigg – Certificate of Merit in Winchester
  • Out In The Cold – Highly Commended in Shrewsbury
  • Callanish Sunrise – Highly Commended in Dingwall
  • Yellowstone Bison – Commended in Frome
  • Hebridean Wave – Highly Commended in Frome