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Dawn on Pendle Hill
Dawn on Pendle Hill

This image is a view across Black Moss Reservoir to Pendle Hill. Taken in November 2016, it was an early start to catch the sunrise which turned out to be a bit disappointing, however there was a little colour in the sky which could be enhanced in post processing. I thought the foreground lacked interest, so I added the boat from an image of Windermere, which was also taken at dawn in winter about a year earlier.  I thought the shore line needed softening to avoid the picture being cut in two, so I added a  bit of mist in Photoshop.

This image has done well for me in external exhibitions having been accepted 7 times. I have only ever entered the image in “Open” and not “Scapes” sections due to the added boat and mist. The image was also commended in this year’s Photoshow and was my most popular with the public.

Judge’s comment: “The tranquillity of the shot is lovely with the water and the boat, with some lovely subtle colours in the sky and its reflection.   I just found that the sharpness of the hill competed a bit with this tranquil scene but that is a really minor matter.”

Public comments:

“Looking at the photo is like a meditation, it makes me feel peaceful”

“Calm tranquillity with a sense of foreboding”

“The opalescent colours, the reflections, the subject – perfect!”

“Just beautiful, very evocative”

“Colours very relaxing, a place that I love”

“Love the colours and limited palette”

“I like the colours and the serene feeling I get from looking at the image”

“I like the soft colours and the reflections”

“I love the tranquillity and serenity it captures”

“I liked what the judge didn’t! Contrast of the sharp hill and the gentle colours of the lake and boat”