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Keeping Watch

This is an image of an Asiatic lion taken at the Cotswolds Wildlife Park in the spring of 2018. The image was taken through glass, so I used a rubber hood on my lens and pressed up against the glass to minimise any reflections.  In the post processing I replaced the background with one of my many textures, used Topaz Studio to bring out detail, brightened his eyes, darkened the background and used Nik Silver Efex to convert to mono.

This image has only been accepted 2 times out of 5 Exhibition entries but did receive a Certificate of Merit in Robin Hood. The image was accepted into the L&CPU Exhibition and was placed 3rd in the mono print section of the Club’s annual Photoshow. It was also one of my most popular with the public.

Public comments:

“Composition and processing spot on. Would have been natural to think colour but mono is perfect”



“Simplistic and very effective”

“It shows how majestic the lion is”

“Thought provoking”

“Dramatic portrait of noble lion”