PAGB Awards

The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) run an awards scheme called the Awards for Photographic Merit.  There are three levels of awards; Credit (CPAGB), Distinction (DPAGB)  and Master (MPAGB). This November I attended my adjudication for the first of these, CPAGB. According to the PAGB  the standard of the CPAGB is defined as “good club standard” but in the opinion of the L&CPU it really means, “the standard of the better members in a strong club”.  I  had to submit 10 images for the adjudication and these were rated by a panel of 6 judges. A total of 200 points is required for a pass and I achieved 224 points for my 10 images, so now can put the letters CPAGB after my name! There were 63 print entries and 16 digital entries and about two thirds of the entrants passed. The general standard was high, so I was pleased to pass with a reasonable margin.

These are the 10 images I submitted, all of which have been accepted into Exhibitions on 3 or more occasions.